Thursday, January 12, 2012

Walker in TX today. Does he remember what WI looks like?

Just five days before the official deadline for submitting recall petitions, Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker is nowhere to be found in Wisconsin. He's in Texas today, telling lies giving a speech to some billionaires' propaganda machine The Texas Public Policy Foundation. If his batting average holds, 69 percent of what he says will be a lie, mostly a lie or a "pants on fire" whopper.

He can also expect protesters to greet him in Texas.

Walker fully expects a recall as many, many signatures have been collected in Wisconsin. He's been raising money hand over fist from out of state, even as he complains about out-of-state big govmint union bosses spending money to defeat him.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports,
Walker has traveled across the country speaking at similar venues and raising money for his campaign. His campaign records show he has recently raised $2.5 million from donors outside of Wisconsin, including more than $250,000 in Texas.
You can watch a livestream of the protest at noon Central time here.