Monday, January 9, 2012

No rest for IN Teamsters in RTW fight

The Teamsters Hall in Gary was packed on Sunday.
Teamsters are working their butts off to defeat right-to-work for less in Indiana as the battle enters its second week.

Five hundred people packed into Teamsters Local 142's hall in Gary on Sunday for a field hearing on the awful proposal that Republicans want to ram through the Legislature. Teamsters also came to weekend hearings in Fort Wayne and Evansville.

Tomorrow, Teamster trucks will be making noise at the Capitol for a rally during corporate stooge Gov. Mitch Daniels' State of the State address. We expect Teamsters to be there in droves.

Teamsters are writing, calling and emailing their state senators and representatives. As Local 364 President Bob Warnock tells his members,
We need this done every day, all week long.
Daniels is under pressure to reveal where he got the money to run an estimated $600,000 worth of television commercials promoting right-to-work for less. We'll bet dollars to donuts the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers had a hand in it.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports Indiana's House Democrats are back in the chamber after a three-day filibuster to stall the bill -- but not for long.
Indiana House Democrats on Monday ended a three-day boycott of the Legislature over a contentious labor bill but are not promising to stay long enough to allow a final vote on the divisive measure.
House Democratic Leader Patrick Bauer told The Associated Press that Democrats are returning “just for today.”
That's all for now, folks.