Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK play profiteer destroys MLK's dream

Sotheby's Teamsters in front of 'The Mountaintop,' a play about Dr. Martin Luther King's last night. Dr. King was in Memphis protesting the unjust treatment of workers -- the kind of injustice Sotheby's is meting out to 42 art handlers.
Michael Sovern probably thinks of himself as a good guy. His family owns the Shubert Theatre chain. The Shubert Theater on Broadway is putting on a play about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sovern, though, serves on the board of Sotheby's, which threw 42 Teamster art workers out of work on Aug. 1.

That is not what Dr. King would have done. In fact, that is exactly the kind of injustice Dr. King was trying to end when he was killed.

The Sotheby's Teamsters were out in front of the Shubert this weekend. They passed out handbills to theatergoers and passersby to inform them of Michael Sovern's perversion of Dr. King's legacy.

You have to wonder. Is Sovern blind to his own injustice, or does he just not care?