Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Woo-hoo! Another Teamster organizing victory in SC

Please give a warm welcome to our 55 new brothers and sisters who voted on Jan. 6 to join Teamsters Local 71 in Charlotte, N.C.

This is the second organizing victory at Republic Services -- in the South -- in two weeks. Our new brothers and sisters are roll-off, front-load, residential and recycling-container drivers in Fort Mill, S.C.

They are united in their fight for a strong voice and for respect in one of the most anti-union states in the country. Said driver Rayford Harris, Sr.:
No one should ever underestimate the resolve of people who are willing to come together and conquer a giant that at one time seemed unconquerable.
Ted Russell, Local 71's president, gave props to the Teamsters Solid Waste Division’s Bob Morales, Chuck Stiles and John Mahoney for their help, and to Local 728 in Atlanta, including organizer Ben Speight and the newly organized Republic drivers who helped out. Said Russell:

It’s a great day in South Carolina. These drivers are to be commended for standing up for their American rights in a work-at-will state.

It's pretty clear why the drivers organized. Said Randy Conrad, Local 71's organizer,
The drivers are sick and tired of having to work at-will with no respect, no job security or job protections.
Added Chuck Stiles, assistant director of the Solid Waste Division,
The workers are seeking respect, an end to favoritism, fair work rules, fair wages and more affordable health care. Respect is a huge issue for them.