Thursday, January 5, 2012

Teamster VP: "Only hope in IN is for the Dems"

Brian Buhle at the Teamsters convention.
Our Teamster brother Rick Smith from Local 776 in Harrisburg has a radio show that's well worth listening to. Yesterday night he interviewed Teamster International Vice President Brian Buhle, a Hoosier, about Indiana's battle royale over right to work that officially got started yesterday.

Buhle pointed out that Democrats, who oppose right-to-work for less, are outnumbered in the Legislature by Republicans eager to pass the anti-worker bill. He said the only way they were able to kill the bill last year was for 40 proud Democrats to flee the state and hole up in an Illinois hotel for five weeks. That prevented the Legislature from conducting business.

Yesterday, Buhle said,
The Democrats refused to enter the chamber when it convened. The Democrats said they weren't coming back. That's our only hope right now.
Taking their marching orders from the national Republican Party and its donors (like the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers), Buhl said, Indiana Republicans...
...have done nothing but attack working families in Indiana....
It's all about weakening unions power at the bargaining table, it has nothing to do with protecting an individual's right to join or not join. It's all a coordinated effort to defeat the middle class and to bring power back to the Republican Party and the donors of the Republican Party.
As Rick Smith said,
I think Indiana is losing its mind.
Listen to the whole thing here.