Friday, January 6, 2012

Happening now: GOP slam-bamming RTW bill thru IN Legislature

Waiting to get in the People's House.
Crowds gathered in the Indiana Statehouse today and stood in long lines outside as the Republican leadership tries to ram their precious right-to-work-for-less through the Legislature like shit through a goose quickly. A rare joint committee hearing is being held today in the Indiana House; they'd like to pass this puppy by next week, before the Super Bowl.  

Jim Hoffa today in the Huffington Post outlined some of the filthy tricks being used to enact this heinous law -- restricting public access (but not lobbyists) to the Capitol, succumbing to the blandishments of out-of-state corporations and out-and-out lies. We're following the twitter feed for #inunion and we're learning more disheartening things about the bill.
  • They kicked off the hearing with a lie. It's already against the law to force someone to join a union.
  • The committee won't allow amendments, though the sponsor says he knows the bill needs them.
  • The bill's sponsor couldn't name one company that refused to come to Indiana because it wasn't a right-to-work-for-less state.
  • Nor did he seem to know what the bill even said (that's what happens when you let out-of-state special interests write your legislation for you.)
This is what really kills us: Probably the planet's biggest supporters of right-to-work-for-less are the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers. You would think that Hoosier politicians would be reluctant to succumb to the blandishments of people who traffick with a sponsor of terrorism. But you would be wrong.