Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fight on, Hoosiers!

We're gaining momentum in the loud, proud battle against right-to-work-for-less in Indiana.

Today, working families are swarming the Statehouse in NFL gear to show their appreciation for the support from the NFL Players Association. This afternoon they'll march to Lucas Oil Field from 2 pm. If you're anywhere near Indianapolis and have the wherewithal, put on some warm clothes and comfortable shoes and head out to the stadium.

This isn't just a union fight -- it's a fight for the whole middle class. Joining the NFL Players Association, the Teamsters, the Indiana AFL-CIO are groups like and Credo.

We'll let our friends at the AFL-CIO summarize what's been going on all week, starting with Tuesday night:
...thousands of Hoosier brothers and sisters packed the Statehouse in protest while Governor Daniels gave his final State of the State address. We were so loud outside the House chamber, we could be heard by TV viewers at home.

(On Wednesday),  More than 3,000 Hoosiers packed the Statehouse, and were joined by Jesse and Kitti, two workers from Oklahoma City. Oklahoma was the only state to pass a "right to work" law in this age of globalization, and the impact has been devastating. Read in the Indianapolis Star. Watch on WISH.
Fred Davis, a 69 year old UAW retiree, collected 17,000 signatures on a petition against "right to work." He tried to deliver them to Governor Daniels today, but was refused entry. (You can sign a petition here.)
Last night, more than 150 people crowded into a UAW hall in Bedford to oppose the heinous bill. People are phone banking all week long to ask lawmakers to vote against the bill. The phone banks need help, and information about how to volunteer can be found here. Text INAFLCIO to 32075 for updates.