Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ruh-roh: NH House passes RTW for government workers

What is this, open season on working people?

Oh wait, that's exactly what it is.

Today, New Hampshire House members were the latest to try to shrink the middle class by passing a right-to-work for less bill that applies to government workers. The Associated Press reports,
New Hampshire's House has voted to bar the unions representing state workers from collecting fees from non-union members to cover the bargaining and other costs.
The House voted 212-128 Thursday to send the bill to the Senate. Workers who choose not to pay a fee would have to submit a notarized statement relinquishing any rights and benefits bargained for by the union...
The AP also reports island paradise dweller House Speaker William O'Brien made right-to-work for less "a priority of his administration." (Um, hello? Since when does a legislator have an administration?)

The good news is we think Gov. John Lynch will veto  this nasty piece of legislation -- and the good guys have the votes to sustain his veto.

Still, you wonder why these lawmakers can't chase after wascally wabbits instead of working men and women.