Monday, January 9, 2012

Recall Walker Light Brigade strikes again

We found this on Daily Kos, along with a snarky post about "dozens" who showed up for a pro-Koch whore Walker rally in Washington County, Wisc.
WISN (local ABC affiliate) reports that "dozens of people" rallied in support of Governor Scott Walker.
Dozens, eh?
The rally was held in West Bend, WI (Washington County), a Republican stronghold. The Washington County GOP boasts they are the "reddest county in Wisconsin!" The Walker support rally is all over their homepage.
This was their second rally. The first attracted 50 Walker supporters. I'm not sure if the "dozens" reported for the second rally represents more or fewer than 50 (2 dozen = 24, 4 dozen = 48, etc).

The website also proudly proclaims that they have received "several calls" for pro-Walker yard signs, and encourage their readership to engage the petition-gatherers about why they support a recall.
DailyKos also tells us Jan. 8 began the second-ever "National Recall Walker Week." (Recall petitions are due Jan. 17.)  Approximately 25,000 people have already volunteered to collect petitions to recall Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker. Here's what they're asking you to do this week:
During the next week, make any large or small intervention, action, happening, protest, occupation. Then document it with photos, video, or descriptions. Post the results in the comments section one of our National Recall Walker Week diaries...
Suggested actions: Go to your state capitol with some friends and sing "On Wisconsin," order a pizza and ask them to spell out "Recall Walker" with pepperoni or buy a beer for someone from Wisconsin. (Gee, which one do you think Teamsters are most likely to do?)

Seriously, though, our brothers and sisters behind the cheese curtain deserve props for having fun. Fighting the War on Workers is exhausting, and it's important to keep our spirits up.