Saturday, January 28, 2012

IN Teamsters not giving up RTW fight

Though right-to-work-for-less passed the Indiana House last week, it still has to pass the Senate. So our brothers and sisters are still fighting. They're putting intense pressure on senators to vote against the heinous bill.

Here's Bob Warnock III, president of Local 364 in South Bend, in a letter to his members:
The fight to protect Hoosiers wages, health insurance and pensions is not over. We are not giving up.
Senator Joe Zakas is not representing working Hoosiers and continues to side with Daniels, Bosma, Long and big business. He has stated he will vote for “Right to Work for Less” and that he will not change his mind. He will not and is not going to support the citizens in his district and vote against “Right to Work for Less.

LIUNA yesterday at Superbowl Village

Please take the time Saturday, January 28 through February 1 to contact Senator Joe Zakas every day and ask him to change his mind and do what a clear majority of his constituents want - “VOTE AGAINST RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS.”
Meanwhile, the laborers picketed a Superbowl pregame event yesterday to protest the right-to-work-for-less bill. More people are picketing Superbowl Village today. Reports the Associated Press:
A mix of union members and Occupy protesters from across Indiana marched through Super Bowl Village on Saturday in opposition to the state's proposed right-to-work legislation.
About 75 marchers weaved through packed crowds at the pre-game street fair in downtown Indianapolis in the first of what could be several such protests before the big game Feb. 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium. The protesters chanted "Occupy the Super Bowl" and carried signs that read "Fight the Lie" and "Workers United Will Prevail."
Saturday was the second straight day of right-to-work protests in the Super Bowl Village. About 40 people picketed the opening of a zip line in the Village. The 800-foot zip line allows participants to clip onto a wire about 100 feet off the ground and glide almost two blocks.
Live in Indiana? Click here to email your senator.