Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Woo-hoo! Walker to be recalled!

This just in: Wisconsin activists say they have way more than enough signatures to recall Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker. (We told you so!)

According to Reuters,
The group United Wisconsin, which opposes the collective bargaining changes and other measures Walker pushed into law last year, said it gathered more than 1 million signatures to recall the governor by the January 17 deadline -- roughly double the 540,208 signatures required...

The filing of the petitions will not automatically result in Walker's removal from office. But if the petitions are certified, Walker will be forced to defend his seat in a special election later this year.
"We very clearly believe there is no challenge -- legal or otherwise -- that would prevent these elections from going forward," said Mike Tate, the head of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.
So far, a Democrat has not yet emerged to run against Walker, though Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who ran for governor against Walker in 2010 and Secretary of State Doug La Follette have been mentioned as possible candidates.
Walker was in New York today, where he is no doubt siphoning money from big corporations. He's probably telling people about the "big guvmint union bosses" who bankrolled the petition drive. That of course is horseshit.

The signature gatherers were teachers, nurses, firefighters, police officers, snowplow drivers and working families in general. They were standing in the cold and getting abused by Walker supporters in order to fight back against his anti-worker agenda.

Some things to remember about Walker's year in office:
  • More than 27,000 people lost their jobs.
  • 65,000 people lost health care.
  • Workers lost collective bargaining rights.
  • Corporations and rich cronies got $2.3 billion in tax breaks.
  • Public education in Wisconsin was cut more than in any other state.  
Score one for the good guys.