Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RTW battle on airwaves, in Statehouse

Corporate stooge Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and anti-worker lawmakers may have stopped a right-to-work-for-less referendum, but the fight is far from over. In fact, thanks to Teamsters, it’ll be heating up again tonight.

The Teamsters joined with other groups to sponsor an ad that will appear in Hoosier homes tonight and, hopefully, make Daniels eat his own words. The spot features Daniels speaking to a group of Teamsters in 2006 about his support for working people in Indiana and his interest in keeping anti-worker laws out of Indiana:

I’m a supporter of the labor law he have in the state of Indiana. I’m not interested in changing any of them—not the prevailing wage law, certainly not a right to work law.
The ad is expected to draw a lot of attention to the issue—but it isn’t the only card Hoosier workers have up their sleeves. Union members, community leaders and other supporters have threatened to protest at the upcoming Superbowl, according to Jeff Combs, organizing director for Local 135 in Indianapolis.

Shirts with the Bowl’s roman numerals have been made up and are circulating among union members and their families. That, said Combs, is also getting attention.

Said Combs:
We’ve started sending a message that we may protest the Superbowl. It’s working—it’s bringing a lot of attention to the fight. We don’t want to have to protest—we’d like to celebrate the Superbowl with everyone else—but we’re in the fight of our lives right now. We need help here.
Combs encourages Teamsters across the country who can to join their brothers and sisters in Indianapolis. For those unable to travel or take off work, Combs encourages Teamsters to sign petitions and call or e-mail legislators in their own state and in Indiana.

Meanwhile, House Democrats have walked out of the Statehouse again this afternoon.

Stay tuned and stay strong.