Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VIDEO: Anti-randy Randy Hopper campaign ad

Randy Republican state Sen. Randy Hopper is as big a jerk as you'll find, but this campaign ad is pretty straightforward. It just points out that he voted to cut $800 million from Wisconsin's education budget. What a great way to build the future for Cheddarland's kids.

There are sooooo many ways to attack randy Randy Hopper, who's up for recall in August against Jess King. Even Hopper's own wife wants him out of office because he's living with his mistress outside the district. But education is extremely important to the middle class because it represents hope, opportunity and a rising standard of living -- all those things Senate Republicans in Wisconsin are trying to crush.

King almost beat Hopper in 2008, so she has a great chance of winning in August. But no one should get too comfortable about these recall elections. There will be huge amounts of money from the likes of the Koch brothers, there will be dirty tricks galore and there will be pissed-off people who buy into Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker's savage agenda.

So start thinking about ways to help out in Wisco. We need to send a message to these politicians all across the country that if they mess with the middle class, they can kiss their elected office -- and all the nice goodies that go with it -- goodbye.