Friday, July 8, 2011

See NH Speaker's Caribbean villa

Virgin Island home of NH Speaker Bill O'Brien.
Other than the Koch brothers, the craziest fanatic most ardent supporter of New Hampshire's right-to-work bill to destroy unions is probably House Speaker Bill O'Brien. O'Brien pushed hard for his minions in the Legislature to pass the bill. (One former lawmaker said they didn't really know what they were doing.) In May, Gov. John Lynch vetoed the right-to-work bill because it weakens unions and does nothing to create jobs in New Hampshire.

Here is the perfect shady place to read a book, enjoy meals al fresco, and
plot ways to destroy New Hampshire's middle class.
Actually, all right-to-work laws do is shrink the middle class and lower the standard of living for everyone but the very wealthy. In other words, they increase economic inequality. Which is probably why O'Brien is pushing so hard for right-to-work. You see, he's got his. But he probably wants more. Check out the real-estate brochure describing his island paradise home here. Though it's startlingly secluded and stunningly luxurious on a gem of a spot overlooking sparkling Caribbean waters, it is only three bedrooms. Plus he has to rent it out. Wouldn't it be nice if he had a five-bedroom island paradise home and didn't have to rent to strangers who might steal the flatware?

O'Brien has been using all kinds of legislative shenanigans to override Lynch's veto. Right now, he's waiting for a fall session to call for an override vote, when he probably thinks he'll have a better chance of getting the two-thirds majority he needs.

He should think again. Earlier this week, a union firefighter won a Republican special primary election. Writes the Union Leader
The choice of Kevin Janvrin, a veteran Seabrook firefighter, is likely to dampen GOP efforts to override Gov. John Lynch’s veto of the right-to-work bill. Janvrin defeated Louis Gargiulo of Hampton Falls, who had the support of former state GOP chairman John Sununu, Congressman Frank Guinta, former gubernatorial candidates John Stephen and Ovide Lamontagne and others.
Janvrin was well supported by union groups inside and outside the state. He will face Democrat Ryan Mahoney of South Hampton in a September general election.