Friday, July 15, 2011

Could a ham sandwich beat David VanderLeest in WI?

Dave Hansen
Oh dear. Our Teamster brother Dave Hansen is facing a recall election on Tuesday because he courageously left the state rather than vote for Koch whore  Gov. Scott Walker's bill to turn middle-class Wisconsinites into peasants. Hansen will face David VanderLeest, a deadbeat with an arrest record and only $2,000 in his campaign fund. VanderLeest is the guy who led the recall campaign against Hansen.

But it gets worse. We learned yesterday that VanderLeest is accused of child abuse. This is America, of course, where people are innocent until proven guilty. And it's mportant to remember that anyone can accuse anyone of anything, and that doesn't make it true.

Still, it can't help VanderLeest's campaign....

That doesn't mean you can sit at home, all you registered voters in Green Bay! They want you to stay home! You really, really need to remember to get out and vote on Aug. 9. The whole nation is watching. If Dave Hansen crushes Dave VanderLeest, it will send a message to Scott Walker and all those other Koch whores that there will be hell to pay if they mess with the middle class.

We Are Wisconsin is working hard to get out the vote for the Aug. 9 election, the first general election in the Wisconsin recalls. Read about it here and find out how you can help.