Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CBS won't run NFL players ad

But you can watch it here.

CBS, a broadcast partner of the NFL owners, won't run the players' ad opposing a lockout by the owners. CBS says it doesn't want to get involved in the dispute between the owners and the players. According to the Washington Post,
The network is one of four that combined to pay the league as much as $4 billion a year for television rights, and union officials have suggested the ad was pulled in deference to the networks' financial ties to the NFL.

"I'm confused and frankly a little irritated," said George Atallah, a spokesman for the players union. He said the union was informed that CBS College Sports was refusing to run the ad because of "the content."
The owners have worked out a deal with the networks that allows them to get paid even if no games are played. The players call that "lockout insurance."
You can sign a petition opposing the lockout here.