Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't let this light fade. Here's more of what you can do.

The first thing you can do is share this inspiring video.

You can also wear red, the color of the Wisconsin Badgers. If you tweet, you can change your avatar to red.

Here's a suggestion from a twitterer:

@RuralPopulista To help wi union efforts from a distance, send name, email and phone # to spread word
The AFL-CIO blog shares these suggestions from a 29-year-old teaching assistant:

Spread the word! Talk to friends, post on social networking sites, send emails, texts, tweets, whatever.

1. Go to solidarity protests in your area. (You can find a list here.)

2. Comment on articles that are about the budget repair bill and write letter to editors in support of Wisconsin workers

3. Send an email to or call Walker’s office stating your opposition to the bill. Email is phone is: 608-266-1212.

4. If so inclined (I know many of you can’t do this), get your place of work to issue a statement in solidarity.