Sunday, February 20, 2011

Koch-linked group runs ad for Wisco gov budget

Listen carefully to this speech. You will hear Wisconsin's Democratic Rep. Gordon Hintz say that on Friday (Feb. 11) he heard a radio ad in favor of Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker's budget bill. Hintz said he hadn't seen the bill yet (it was filed on Friday, Feb. 11.) The ad was paid for by the Club for Growth.

The Club for Growth is a reactionary, pro-corporate, anti-worker organization that the Koch brothers fund indirectly. Its founder, Stephen Moore, worked for the Cato Institute, which the Koch brothers founded. David Koch still supports the Cato Institute (another reactionary, pro-corporate, anti-worker group), which gives money to a nasty fellow named Howard Rich, who gives money to the Club for Growth. (There's a terrific map that shows how it works here.)

So think about it: lackeys for CEO billionaires are able to put out propaganda for a piece of anti-worker legislation well before an elected representatative has even seen it.

This is not what democracy looks like.