Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another day of protests

And not just in Wisconsin, where the rally today is expected to be even bigger than yesterday's. They're protesting Gov. Scott Walker's savage, vindictive budget,  which passed the Senate committee last night and will move to the floor today.

In Ohio, the crowd is already estimated at 4,200. They're protesting as hearings continue on Sen. Shannon Jones' vindictive, savage SB 5, which would eliminate collective bargaining for government workers. (If you haven't yet, sign up for the StandUpForOhio Facebook page for updates.)

Workers held a "Working Families Day" at the Minnesota statehouse and hundreds of students demonstrated against planned tuition hikes. Watch the Minnesota AFL-CIO's video about the lobby day here.

In Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder is announcing his budget, which may also set off protests. It includes job cuts, concessions from government workers, tax hikes on the middle class and tax breaks for business.

Oh, and here's another lovely proposal from the corporate stooges who managed to get themselves elected in Nevada: a bill was introduced to repeal the minimum wage.

It just gets better and better.