Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teamsters by the 000s stand with Wisconsin

Teamsters in Madison Saturday

Thousands of Teamsters across America showed their solidarity with workers in Wisconsin on Saturday after a long week of protests in the Midwest. Hundreds of our brothers and sisters from locals in Ohio, Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Wisconsin swelled the ranks of statehouse protesters all week.  Saturday was not a day off for them.

Labor unions organized rallies across the country on Saturday, while brought people to all 50 state capitals and the District of Columbia. The Teamsters red and blue "Stop the War on Workers" signs were visible from Miami to San Diego, from Olympia to Atlanta, in South Bend, Ind., and Madison, Wisc.

Brother Steven Nelson sent photos from Madison, where it was 15 degrees and sunny. Local 200 had new signs made for Saturday's protest that said, "1.4 Million Teamsters Support Public Service Workers." We estimate at least 300 Teamsters marched toward the Statehouse for the historic rally, which drew 100,000 people.
Washington, DC
At 1:33 p.m., Brother Nelson emailed us: The inside of the Capitol is full we can't get in. This is fantastic!
(We expect to hear more from our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin when they get take a break from demonstrating.)

Rally Girl reports from our nation's capital:
Today, Teamsters in Washington, D.C., stood united with the people of Wisconsin, joining more than 3,000 residents who poured into the city’s historic Dupont Circle. Holdings signs, singing and chanting, citizens of the nation’s capital vowed to never give up or back down. Said our Teamster brother Eustace Mann:
Today, we are not D.C. We are not Maryland or Virginia, Democratic or Republican. We are one with Wisconsin.
Protestors peacefully marched through the streets of D.C. to the White House where they continued to gain support.
Teamsters Local 61 organized a large and energetic rally in Asheville, N.C. One message was heard loud and clear: "Labor is United!"

Buffalo, N.Y.

Olympia, Wash.
Teamsters from Joint Council 46 in Buffalo, N.Y., showed their solidarity for union members in Wisconsin and other states by taking part in two rallies on Saturday, in Cheektowaga and Buffalo. Hundreds of people attended both rallies. Richard Lipsitz, JC 46's political action coordinator, was a main speaker.
Teamsters marched through the snow with a crowd of 2,500 in Olympia, Wash.,  holding "Stop the War on Workers" signs. (Check out the youtube video.)