Monday, February 28, 2011

Teamster rally recaps from IL, SD, VA

Williamsburg, Va.
 They're coming in so fast we can't keep up with them -- the photos, videos and stories from dozens of rallies over the weekend that thousands of Teamsters attended.

Pierre, S.D.
One of our Teamster brothers took this photo in Pierre, S.D. Brother Joe Kraljic, state legislative director for the BMWED, was asked to co-host, agreed and then became the host. The crowd was enthusiastic but small, as the weather was extremely cold, the state capital is in the center of the state and far from union concentrations. We're glad and grateful they were able to do it.

Teamsters from Local 627 and from the local unions of Joint Council 65 joined more than a thousand workers Thursday, February 24 at a rally in Peoria, Ill., to stand up against the nationwide attacks on workers.
The rally took place outside the Peoria County Courthouse. Brother Keith Gleason, president of Local 627 in Peoria and president of Joint Council 65 in Springfield, Ill., said,
This is an attack on worker rights across the country—it has absolutely nothing to do with budgetary problems facing the states. The attempt to limit workers in Wisconsin and elsewhere to collectively bargain is not designed to be able to address the budget. In fact, it is apparent it is only designed to bust the union. Otherwise, those governors and legislators would be sitting down with the unions and negotiating.
Peoria, Ill.
Gleason is also director of the Teamsters Tankhaul Division.

Our brother Kevin J. Sullivan, political director for Teamsters Joint Council 83, sends us this report:
A rally to support the public sector workers fighting for their rights in Wisconsin took place at Teamsters Local 95 in Williamsburg, Va. About 150 people showed up to voice their support. Unions represented included Steelworkers, Carpenters, UAW, CWA, NEA, Painters, IAFF and SEIU, among others.