Wednesday, February 23, 2011

VIDEO: WI Protests Tues, Teamsters in Solidarity

Here's a great video of yesterday's protest in Wiscconsin. You'll see the Teamsters march into the Rotunda at about 3:39.

We have this account from our BMWED brother Keith Shisler:

We had 5 guys there from Local 99 and met up with Mike the legislative director and a few guys from BNSF. What a sight to see and a sound to hear. The place was rockin' with union solidarity, no fights or violence of any kind. The outside and inside of the capital were packed with people from several unions.

I'd like to thank Dave Johnson, Jim Hess, John Scott and Corey Shisler for joining me on the trip. You should have been there, you couldn't have helped but feel thrilled by the power of labor united. I saw Firemen and Police, IBEW, Steelworkers, Sheetmetal Workers, other Teamsters there to name a few of the organizations without a direct stake in the bill at hand that were there to show support. As we all know we actually do have a direct stake even though the law doesn't apply to us (yet) an affront to collective bargaining is a mortal threat to workers everywhere who want a fair chance in the labor market.