Thursday, September 13, 2012

With friends like Kasich, Romney doesn't need enemies

John Kasich may be singlehandedly losing the battleground state of Ohio for Mitt Romney.

For months, the Ohio governor seemed to be hiding in the shadows. He tried and failed to destroy collective bargaining rights for government workers (you all remember the stunning defeat of SB5, right?)

We didn't hear much from Kasich for a while. But now he's campaigning for Mitt Romney -- and he's not doing him any favors.

Romney already has trouble with women voters. Kasich makes it worse by saying political spouses are home doing the laundry.  And then there's his tepid endorsement of Romney, as reported by Daily Kos:
The Obama campaign says privately that they have a nine-point lead in Ohio, while conservatives admit those numbers are accurate. 
It's surprising that Mitt Romney is trailing so badly given the quality of his surrogates in the state:
[Ohio Gov. John] Kasich, meanwhile, said almost nothing positive about Romney in our conversations, other than to say his life would be better with a president who would get the federal government out of his way. “He says he’s got a 53-point plan or whatever, I don’t know,” was Kasich’s rousing endorsement of the Romney agenda.