Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love, respect and gratitude for Jimmy Hoffa from Teamsters

The Teamsters Facebook page on Friday posted an eloquent plea for compassion as yet another search began for leads in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. It was linked to a Huffington Post by Bret Caldwell, communications director for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Caldwell wrote:
The family I know has stood together through the most trying times and provided love and support to each other for the past 37 years. The Hoffa family deserves the compassion and respect that every other family in our great nation receives when they encounter such a tragedy. 
This is how Teamsters and their friends responded:
Kevin Cicak So well stated, thanks for putting into words something many of us felt but didn't have the opportunity to say with this level of exposure. Jimmy Hoffa's greatest legacy, the NMFA, allowed hundreds of thousands of Americans a middle class life and I and my family will be forever grateful to the Hoffa family for their sacrifice. 
Jake Gann Hoffa was a living legend he did so much for this country. Much respect from local 87 vice president Bakersfield ca 
Rose Berberian Hoffa...a TRUE American hero. God rest his soul. 
Jim Crowley Thanks for making it possible for my old man to give me a middle class upbringing Mr Hoffa. 
Bill Crawshaw RIP Jimmy , You are what built the middle class in this country and gave the working men and women dignity. Every Teamster Brother and Sister owe you for what you gave us. THANK YOU, Local 688 St. Louis Mo. 
Ernie Sanchez Hoffa Sr worked hard all his life, let him rest in peace. Thanx for paving the way for many Americans to reach the middle class.  
Robert Bellino Thanks jimmy, from local 641 
Raylene Barton i was at a ufcw 655 ladies night out and we gaveup a toast for Jimmy RIP 
Joseph Saroli Since the 1950s and continuing through today, the Saroli family has had their lives improved by the Hoffa family. Peace be with you all. Rest in peace James R Hoffa. 
Dave Williams God Bless Jimmy Hoffa Jr. and Sr. If it wasnt for Hoffa Sr. I wouldnt have what I have as a UPSer/Teamster in Local 710. Many thanks to the Hoffas. 
Manny Quintero you retired teamsters thanks hoffa sr for the pension you recieve today 
Mike Halsey Thanks Jimmy Hoffa. The NMFA you put together still provides me & my family a middle class life. IBT Local 100. Cincinnati, OH. 
Michael H. Orr RIP Jimmy Hoffa a true hero to the working people. Local 107 Philly 
Sandy Schmiehausen Woodworth Our greatest respect to our Brother & his family that gave so much of their own lives for the good of all middle class, hard working Americans. You will continually be an inspiration to all of us and will never be forgotten. We will always stand and fight for the principles, and beliefs that have held us together. All of our love and prayers to the Hoffa family. Teamsters Local Union No. 688 St. Louis, MO. 
Marie Donovan I idolized Jimmy Hoffa since I was 12 yrs old or younger. Hoffa took care of his people. 
Mario Ramirez Jr. Much love and respect ..... Teamsters local 463... Pennsylvania!!! 
Mike Ruelas Thank you Mr Hoffa for your dedication and sacrifices..I work under the NMFA now, something you created so long ago..I hope that it can continue on..Teamsters Local 104 Phoenix Az. 
Shelly Mategko My grandpa and his Brothers from the late great Local 1140 had the utmost respect for their Brother Jimmy Hoffa and credited him for winning most of the rights we now take for granted. Their loyalty was unwavering and that says a lot about the kind of leader - and man- Hoffa was.
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