Friday, September 21, 2012

Teamsters fight against furloughs for City of Concord workers

This morning, in Concord, Calif. Resistance fighters in the War on Workers.

Our brothers and sisters who work for the City of Concord came to work today to protest of the first of 13 unlawfully mandated furlough days.

Local 856, to which they belong, explained the voters of Concord passed a measure two years ago that raised city revenue to maintain and protect their municipal services. But the city is ignoring the voters’referendum. Today it forced city services to be shut down.

Reports Local 856:
The City’s own budget projection includes sizable surpluses; however it is still forcing furlough days and cutting city services. City employees maintain that in some cases, furloughs actually exacerbate costs by increasing the amount of overtime the city must pay other employees to cover essential functions.
The workers answer 911 calls,repair and maintain city streets, monitor water and sewer lines, keep city parks safe and clean, issue business licenses and building permits, process background checks, subpoenas,restraining orders and impounded cars and many other public services.

Local 856 is currently in negotiations with the city and headed to fact-finding next month.

Stand strong, brothers and sisters!