Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Collective bargaining protects Michigan families

The Protect Our Jobs campaign in Michigan is out with this new ad.

The message: Collective bargaining gives nurses a voice to negotiate for safe staffing levels, protection from firing when they speak up about a patient’s care and the ongoing training they need to stay ahead of trends in medicine.

We love that working people in Michigan are going on offense this fall. They're proposing amending the state constitution to protect collective bargaining rights. After a long legal battle, the courts ruled that the proposal remains on the November ballot.

Want to help? Go to the Protect Working Families website here. (Btw we like this quote from Kristine Michaelson, RN, Marquette General Hospital:
People died to have the weekends off, they died for the 8-hour day. And a lot of these things that have been fought for many, many years ago are being lost and just taken away in the blink of an eye.)