Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gawker: Strikes work

The 1997 UPS strike. It worked. 
The online publication Gawker usually offers a hilarious take on the news of the day. On Friday, Hamilton Nolan posted an item called "Strikes Work." It's worth reading. Some quotable excerpts:
Strikes work. Workers should have them more often.
And this:
Are strikes an inconvenience for the public? Yes. That is why they work. And that inconvenience, in the long run, is a small price to pay for living in a country that respects freedom enough to allow its workers to organize. Strikes are the pinnacle of workers exercising their freedoms in this capitalist system of ours; conservatives should love them. 
And this:
Restricting the right to strike is tantamount to forcing people to work against their will. That's an even more onerous government demand than taxes. You would think the Republican party would be protecting workers' rights to strike at all costs.
Read the whole thing here.