Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 ways to rebuild the middle class

Cross-posting from our brothers and sisters at the AFL-CIO:

...our economy was headed in the wrong direction even before the recession. Inequality increased and the kinds of good jobs that built the middle class have been disappearing. As a result, too many people are seeing stagnating income, lower net worth and their hopes for a better life for their kids erode.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The middle class didn’t happen by accident—it exists because people worked hard to win at the legislative level and in the workplace.

Today, a coalition of groups that advocate for working people have released an important new report: 10 Ways to Rebuild the Middle Class. It’s a really valuable contribution to the debate over what we want the economy to look like, and how to get there.

1) Make every job a good job.
2) Fix the minimum wage.
3) Save good jobs—both private and public.
4) Ensure health and retirement security.
5) Uphold the freedom to join a union.
6) Make today’s workplace pro-family.
7) Stop wage theft.
8 ) Require that your boss be your employer.
9) Give unemployed workers a fresh start.
10) Protect safety and health at work.

These aren’t a far-fetched fantasy. They’re proven, concrete, common-sense and achievable steps we can take. They’re steps that make sure that everyone who works can get by and that everyone can get fair compensation for the work they do. Take a look at the report—we’ll be talking more about these necessary steps in the weeks to come.