Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Teamsters to converge in Madison on 03.10.12

Wisco Teamsters a year ago.
Teamsters from all over Wisconsin will travel to the Capitol this Saturday for a massive celebration of the Recall Walker movement, now at 1 million people.

Our brother Rob Moss, business agent for Local 695 in LaCrosse, sent us a flier to post to encourage attendance from our  brothers and sisters in Illinois and Minnesota. We couldn't reproduce the flier here, but here's what it says:
March with your Teamster Brothers and Sisters on March 10th at the Capitol in Madison.

Join all the other Unions in Solidarity that will be there in the effort of speaking up for our collective bargaining rights. Meet us at the Teamster Truck at 11a.m. on the square.
We need to speak up for Wisconsin, the middle class, seniors and our children!!!
Information about parking and shuttle buses can be found here.

As awful as Scott Walker is, he's going to be tough to beat. He's grabbing millions of dollars from out of state and he'll stoop to anything to win. So if you can make it, be there on the Square and send him a message!!