Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Buy American' is now fashionable ('bout time)

Cross posting from Manufacture This:

The hottest colors in fashion right now might just be "Red, White, and Blue." Okay, maybe not—but according to a recent article in the Philadelphia Enquirer, more Americans are seeking out Made-in-USA fashions than ever before:
"We have so many people come into our store and ask, 'Is this made in the U.S.A.? Is this made locally?' " said Ali McCloud, owner of the Northern Liberties-based, eco-friendly boutique Arcadia. "People are really starting to pay attention to the made-in-America tag."
And what’s behind the rising demand for American-made clothing? According to Elizabeth Wellington of the Enquirer, there are several factors at play:
Partly, it's a byproduct of an eco-friendly wave of thinking: What better way to lower your carbon footprint then buying clothes manufactured in North Philadelphia or Brooklyn rather than Beijing?
But our growing sense of red-white-and-blue pride also is the fallout from circumstances: Gas and food prices are rising, apparel-industry job opportunities are falling, and presidential candidates are vying to steer our future. So the idea of sending work overseas - especially for something as basic as clothing from a city that once was a textile giant - is unsettling to many.

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