Monday, March 26, 2012

Cash Mobs support local businesses

We're not sure how we missed International Cash Mob Day on Saturday, but we're sorry we did.

The Cash Mob people describe themselves this way:
Cash Mobs is a new movement aimed at supporting local businesses and rebuilding communities. A Cash Mob is a Flash Mob, but instead of singing, dancing or rioting, Cash Mobbers join together and each spend $20 at a local business.
We harp about good union jobs supporting local businesses. A great way to make that point might be for a local union to organize a Cash Mob.

Reuters tells us more: a group of online activists is harnessing social media like Twitter and Facebook to get consumers to spend at locally owned stores in cities around the world in so-called Cash Mobs.
At the first International Cash Mob day on Saturday, wallet- toting activists gathered in as many as 200 mobs in the United States and Europe, with the aim of spending at least $20 a piece in locally owned businesses, according to the concept's founder, Cleveland lawyer Andrew Samtoy...
...he only has three rules or goals as he explains them: "You have to spend at least $20, meet three people you never met before and have fun."
Dane County, home of the Wisconsin Uprising, has once-a-month Cash Mobs. Here's their Facebook page. We understand they've been organized in 32 states and in Canada. They even have their own rules, such as,
5) The business must be locally owned and independently operated.
6) The business owner must give back to the community in some way.
7) The business owner must approve the CashMob before the mob is announced.
8) The business must be within one block of a locally-owned watering hole.
As we said, we're sorry we missed it...