Monday, March 19, 2012

GA rally a lesson in building power to win

Saturday's rally at the Atlanta capitol.
(NOTE: EDITS to correct number of bill to 469 instead of 460, shorten.)

Today a Georgia House committee will hear testimony on the un-American SB 469 bill, which criminalizes picketing and lets the government interfere with a worker's right to choose a union. If you live in Georgia, please send a message to your lawmaker TODAY and tell him or her to vote against this heinous legislation. It's easy, just click here.

We'd also like to share this message from Ben Speight, organizer with Local 728 in Atlanta. He posted a comment in Facebook that we can all take heart from:
ONLY through the broadest possible involvement from communities most affected in such mass action, can we not only have successful actions, but build the POWER necessary to win concrete gains for MILLIONS of people and to ultimately transform the economy .. To achieve such ends, we have to be deliberate and committed to always bringing those thousands and millions along with us in every thing we do. Without coalitions and collectively organized action, we will never achieve the scale we need for victory.
Right on, brother.