Friday, March 16, 2012

Awwwwww, another bad Friday for Scott Walker

Today, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who only tells the truth 31 percent of the time, lost his majority in the state Senate. Sen. Pam Galloway will resign her seat at midnight tonight. The Wisconsin state Senate is now a 16-16 tie, as Democrats had already whittled the Republican majority to 17-16 by winning two recalls last summer.

Galloway was one of four Republican state senators facing recall. Someone else will run for Galloway's seat. State Rep. Donna Seidel has been running as the Democratic candidate for the seat.

Walker himself has been busy jetting around the country picking up checks from his rich friends for his own damn recall. He's also sending a letter around to potential donors who live outside of Wisconsin. Here's his nauseating pitch:
Dear Fellow Conservative:
Conservatives are under attack in Wisconsin and that means...
There's BIG TROUBLE AHEAD where you live.
If the powerful labor unions get their way in my state...
They'll get their way in yours.
Our crisis today, is your crisis tomorrow!
He goes on to claim that the protesters who came to Madison last year were from out of state and said mean things about him.
Many of their signs were profane and obscene. Some were very aggressive and they vowed revenge on me.
And here's our favorite part of the four-page letter:
In the face of hate-filled personal threats, I came to work every single day, did my job, made the tough calls, and tried to make government work efficiently and effectively.
Actually, Scotty boy hasn't been working too hard, according to our friends at Uppity Wisconsin:
"Scott Walker spends remarkably little time working - less than 6 hours and 30 minutes in the months of November & December (2011) and last January (2012)."
Indeed, in November, Walker's official schedule indicated he spent just ONE HOUR in the entire month on legislative matters. ONE HOUR. Same in January!
Bottom line: Scotty boy's "reforms aren't working," and neither is he.