Friday, March 23, 2012

RTW4Less dying in MN

Minnesota Teamsters at the Capitol, fighting RTW4Less.
Cross your fingers, everybody. We may just be beating back RTW4less in Minnesota.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports,
The Minnesota House fell silent Thursday evening as an attempt to revive the proposed 'right to work' constitutional amendment fizzled.
And this:
House Majority Leader David Senjem, R-Rochester, has since said the bill does not appear to have enough Republican support to pass, and is stalled. Senate supporters are trying to again revive it.
From the tweetosphere:
@IBT_320: Fight against #rtw4less is front and center at @Teamstersjc32 we're making progress with Teamsters Truth Squad & we will not relent #mnleg
The always-entertaining Charles Pierce offers this commentary:
You want to see some first-class chickening out? You want to see a white feather the size of a California condor? You want further experimentation from today's Laboratories of Democracy? Well, check out what's going on in Minnesota. The Republican majority in both of the houses of the state legislature got all chuffed with their newfound power, and they were all, like, We can make you do anything you want, Minnesota. Why do you keep hitting yourself in the face, huh? Huh?
Then, of course, things got a little rough for the bullies in the neighboring states, what with John Kasich in Ohio getting roughed up at the ballot box, and Rick Snyder in Michigan getting slapped around by the courts, and goggle-eyed homunculus Scott Walker across the border in Wisconsin getting pummelled by most of the state all at once. Suddenly, thing started looking a little hairy for the local authoritarians. In Minnesota, they proposed an amendment to the state constitution that essentially make Minnesota a right-to-work state, just as Mitch (Presidential Kindling) Daniels pulled off in Indiana. Then they looked at some polls, and started getting some e-mails and, well, some serious rethinking — and scarpering, and buggering-off — seemed to be in order.
Great work, brothers and sisters!