Sunday, March 11, 2012

65K at WI rally to say 'Never again!'

When the mainstream media tells you there were 35,000 people at a rally in Madison, Wisc., yesterday, you can bet there were way more. So we loked around the Internets and found reports that sound, well, accurate, and said, well, there were more than 60,000 people.

We liked this post from Giles Goat Boy at DailyKos:
The word that kept running through my head on this unseasonably warm and wonderfully windy day was CONFIDENCE. Confidence was in abundance at the Reclaim Wisconsin rally organized to remember the one year anniversary of Wisconsin's notorious, union-busting Act 10 being passed by the state Assembly. It had been passed by the state Senate the night before.
At this time last year, we were angry and disgusted, but hopeful. We knew we had work ahead of us but exactly what that work would be remained unclear. We were energetic but not 100% confident that we could overcome what had been done to our state. Eventually the anger and adrenaline transformed into a statewide campaign to recall as many Republican back-stabbers as we could.
The work of collecting signatures is now behind us. More campaigns, more voter registration, and more get-out-the-vote drives lie ahead. Today, the 60,000+ people who showed up at the state Capitol building were relaxed, joyous, and confident.
Nobody even bothers any more to ask if we we can get rid of Governor Scott Walker and his cronies in the Senate. The only question is whether the Milwaukee County District Attorney will indict him before we get a chance to boot him out of office with a recall election.