Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teamsters recap 'Reclaim Wisconsin' rally

We're back on the Square!!
We've had a chance to communicate with some of our brothers and sisters who joined the crowd of 65,000 in Madison on Saturday. Their take on the huge rally: Everyone was upbeat because they expect Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker to be gone from the Capitol (and possibly in prison) next year.

But it wasn't just about Walker. As the flier said,
The force was with us.
"We need to speak up for Wisconsin, the middle class, seniors and our children!!!"
As the week drew to a close, the Teamsters didn't know how many would show up. Saturday was supposed to be a warm day, the first to break the winter hold on them. So would people stay home and work winter out of their yards or show up in force? As Rob Moss, business agent for Local 695 in LaCrosse reports,
The force was with us and a very good crowd turned out to express their disdain for Governor Loser, the dictator for the rich. We had bigger crowds last year when Walker thought he could bust our spirit to no avail. Solidarity was taken to a new height for sure when one hundred thousand plus crowds came out for many weeks in a row. This time, the crowd was more relaxed then pissed off because our goal is in our reach. Labor will have its day here in Wisconsin!
I'm thinking Scott Walker has awakened a sleeping giant!! We can't lose sight of the fact that we have to show up and vote or the puppet will win. He has been all over the country gold digging for money and flooding our media with with BS. I hope the cuffs are on the way, Scotty Boy!!
That year of grass-roots effort has paid off. The roles have changed, with thos who would destroy workers' rights are now defending themselves against working families who are leading the charge to bring change.

Great work, Cheeseheads!