Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Freeloaders' Check Off for 1st day of RTW4less in IN

Today Right to Work for Less becomes the law of Indiana (but only for now). As our brothers and sisters fight this anti-worker, anti-middle class scheme in Indiana, Minnesota and New Hampshire, we offer the "Freeloaders' check off." Our historian found it while going through some old files from Shreveport, La., Local 568.
Freeloaders' Check Off
I dislike unions. Therefore I dislike the gains unions have made by collective bargaining through the years...decent wages, paid holidays, paid vacations, pensions, sick leave, seniority, overtime pay. I believe my foreman should be able to fire me if he wants to hire his kin-folks.
I hereby authorize the company to deduct from my check each week the full amount of any wage increase won by the union and donate it to the Salvation Army.