Saturday, March 17, 2012

So Mitch Daniels lied about RTW4less?

We're just shocked, shocked to hear there's lying in Indiana.

Earlier this week, Gov. Mitch Daniels claimed a printing and packaging company decided to move to Indiana because of the state's new right-to-freeload law.

The company president said it wasn't true.

Our friend Nancy Guyott, president of the Indiana AFL-CIO, has what sounds like the right take on the matter. She told TV6:
This is a case of an employer that looks like was sort of pushed into a statement. You know, this is an employer who is receiving a great deal of tax dollar money and was pushed by the folks awarding that money.
Daniels said two more companies are close to coming to Indiana because of right-to-work-for-less. Funny, though, he said he may not want to bring it up again when announcing new jobs.

Your nose is growing, Mitch.