Friday, March 9, 2012

Breaking: Walker starts criminal defense fund!

Crook, too?
This just in from the tweetosphere:
@WisDems: Breaking: Scott Walker just acknowledged that he has set up a criminal defense fund
Wisconsin Democrats issued a statement:
Wisconsin has never had a governor that needed a criminal defense fund, but Scott Walker is no ordinary governor. He has bent and broken the rules that should govern the conduct of and executive. Every citizen, regardless of party, agrees that our government should be free of corruption. It looks very much like Scott Walker has not given Wisconsin this honor.
(and remember, it was 14 Democratic senators who left the state to try to prevent Walker's union-busting bill from passing.)

Could the timing be better? Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the Senate's passage of Walker's bill to destroy collective bargaining rights for government workers. We hear 30,000 are expected at the Capitol, including hundreds of our Teamster brothers and sisters.

Stay tuned!