Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Philly gets solidarity from Local 929 (video)

These brothers make a lot of sense. They're at Occupy Philly, which started on Thursday with a few hundred people.
Chestnut Hill Local reports,

By nightfall, the number of protestors had dwindled, but at least two hundred people occupied Dilworth Plaza. A small tent community was erected. By Monday morning, the tent community had grown to one-hundred plus tents....

While it may be slow, the word about the protest is spreading into the professional realms. Representatives from the Teamsters Local Union No. 929 heard about the occupation Thursday morning on the radio, and decided to offer their support.
“We share the same interests,” said No. 929 President Rocky Bryan, Jr. “Corporate America ran the economy into the toilet.”

“Corporate America has waged war on the workers,” said John Preston, also of the 929. “We are here to support the working class.”