Sunday, October 30, 2011

Teamsters Occupy some surprising places

Teamsters Occupy Provo.
The Occupy movement isn't just for big city Teamsters. Sure, Occupy Chicago protested Madison Dearborn's greed alongside the Teamsters and other unions on Thursday. Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Museums have taken direct actions against Sotheby's for locking out Teamster art handlers. Joint Council 7 passed a resolution supporting Occupy San Francisco. Teamsters have Occupied Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, Boston, St. Louis, Vancouver and dozens of large cities.

But Teamsters are also Occupying smaller, redder cities and towns. Teamsters Occupied Naples, Fla., recently in a demonstration that attracted at least a hundred people, according to reports. Teamsters Occupied Provo, Utah, according to the tweetosphere:
@OccupyProvo: #union members here from teamsters and postal service union. We are the 99% here in #provo #utah.
Our Teamster sister Kelly Leigh Andrews reported yesterday on Occupy Chattanooga -- and offers some good advice:

Mom and I just got back about an hour ago. It was so great. Tennessee is such a red state that I wasn't sure we would have anyone show up. But there was a great kids, retired couples, and I believe every union in the state represented. It was so nice to spend the afternoon meeting my Brothers and Sisters from my neighbor unions. The next plan is to attend the city council meeting on Tuesday and then Occupy! It was a memory with my Mom that I will treasure. She is 62 years old and this was her first rally. Go to your local Occupy even if it is a few hours. Meet great people and make a difference.