Thursday, October 13, 2011

BREAKING: OWS disrupts Sotheby director's fancy restaurant

Occupy Wall Street labor activists tonight told a packed dining room at the Union Square Cafe that the owner is a union buster. Danny Meyer, who owns the Union Square and other fancy restaurants, sits on the board of Sotheby's.

The OWSers have really stuck their necks out to show solidarity with our Local 814 Teamsters brothers who've been locked out by Sotheby's.

We understand there were about a half-dozen activists at the restaurant. Our sources tell us what happened:

The dining room was jam packed. One of the activists sitting at the bar began clinking his glass. The dining room fell quiet. He stood up and announced that Danny Meyer is a union buster. He said "We'll be back and we won't let it rest."

Then we handed out handbills that said, "Live Mice, Live Roaches," and pointed out that Danny Meyer restaurants have racked up numerous health violations in the last 16 months.

We made a tactical retreat, but people followed us out. They wanted to talk to us.
According to,
Union Square Cafe is one of New York's best-loved restaurants. The food is inventive and delicious, the service never misses a beat, and the wine list is exceptional.
We hear there's a video. Can't wait to see it.