Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Iowa: The next Wisconsin?

The turmoil that roiled Wisconsin this spring could be repeated in Iowa, as control of the state's agenda is up for grabs.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad comes right out of the Scott Walker mold. He's a quisling for reactionary billionaires like the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers. And he has the Iowa House on his side.

Until now, Branstad's anti-middle-class agenda has been held in check by a 26-24 Democratic majority in the Iowa state Senate. Branstad, though, named a Democratic senator to a statewide board so he could call a special election and try to capture control of the Senate. If the Republican wins, the Senate would be evenly divided, and the reactionary lieutenant governor would break any tie.

Right now, Senate candidate Liz Mathis is all that's standing between sanity and the complete Kochification of Iowa. She's the Democratic candidate for state Senate in a district that leans slightly Republican. Mathis' opponent, Cindy Golding, loathes unions. Here's some crap from Golding's website:
By protecting Iowa’s right-to-work law, Cindy supports an individual’s right to choose to participate in a union. This freedom is vital to attracting new business to the state and to creating the jobs we so desperately need.
blogforiowa reports on what's likely to happen if Golding wins:
The Republican governor and State House want to kill HAWK-I, Iowa’s health insurance program for low- and middle-class children.
They want to kill universal pre-school.
They want to kill collective bargaining rights for hard working teachers, nurses, firefighters and other community heroes.
They want to discriminate by taking away the rights of some Iowans to get married.
The election is only two weeks away. Check out Mathis' website to find out how you can help.