Friday, October 21, 2011

This is exactly how Fox lies

Before you watch this, remember that Fox owner Rupert Murdoch is an ethically-challenged billionaire who's dead set on destroying the middle class. Murdoch tried to help out his good buddy Ohio Gov. John Kasich by donating $1 million to the Republican Governors Association last year.

Murdoch and his sons are being pressured to resign from their board after illegally hacking into the phones of celebrities, royalty and crime victims. But in this lies news report, Fox inartfully suggests it's picketing Teamsters and Occupy Wall Street who are the criminals.

Fox's first big lie is to call a picket line a march. No need to explain to our labor audience the difference between a legally protected picket line and -- well, a constitutionally protected march.

Another big lie: The lies news reader refers to Sotheby's and the Teamsters as "locked in a labor dispute." Um, no, the Teamsters were locked out of their jobs. Sotheby's could bring them back any time.

The Teamsters don't find many sympathetic New Yorkers? Fox is choosing to ignore the cacophony of honking horns that pass by the picket line, or the passers-by who shout support or the poll showing New Yorkers support Occupy Wall Street by a 3-to-1 margin.

The rich old bat who eats lunch three times a week at Sotheby's is lying when she says it's hard to get into the building. There are freaking barricades protecting the entrance; our Teamster brothers picket behind the barricades.

Fox lies by showing another rich old bat who complains she never asked the government for anything. Here Fox is trying to suggest the Teamsters or the OWSers want a handout from the government. Almost goes without saying that it's Wall Street that got the ginormous handout from the government.

Here's the biggest howler of all: "There is no real information about just who these rich people are and why specifically they deserve to be picketed." Sotheby's is a publicly traded company, so there's plenty of information about it. And if Fox doesn't understand why Sotheby's deserves to be picketed, we urge them to click here

And btw we just love Fox's handwringing over "illegal" marches. If only Fox were so concerned about Wall Street's illegal theft of billions from American workers.
Rupert Murdoch is hell bent on strangling the Occupy movement in its crib. His New York Post runs stories suggesting Zuccotti Liberty Park is filled with rich layabouts feasting on gourmet food. TeamsterNation visited the camp last week, and there is nothing luxe about it or its denizens. OWS is just students, retirees, veterans and unemployed people who want to stop what Rupert Murdoch and his billionare friends are doing to our country.