Monday, October 24, 2011

Momma Was A Teamster (VIDEO)

A hat tip to our sister Diane Ersbo, who posted this on the Teamster Women Facebook page.

iszikala, who we assume is a Cheesehead, explains how she came to record the song:
I cracked myself up one day in the Labor Temple when I walked past the labor mural in the stairwell and the first 2 lines of this song popped into my head. So I went home and wrote the song, put together a GarageBand soundtrack, and made a slideshow. The first slides are pretty lame, but maybe someone in my family will come up with some better pictures for that. The later slides are from the Wisconsin protests of this last year.
In the interest of full disclosure: My mom really was a Teamster, and she really did negotiate for her teacher's union the year they had a strike, in Beloit in the 70's. Of course she wasn't a Teamster when she was a teacher; that was later when she worked for the state of Michigan.
My dad did pick up a lot of slack around home when my mom went back to work, but he wasn't a total housedad. He was very politically active as well. Also the strike was when I was in my teens, and we didn't have a baby at the time. So really maybe my little brother was learning to ride a bike.
The last photo is of my mom & dad earlier this year when they came with us up to the Capitol to protest. They are pretty cool.