Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Koch brother shenanigans in MI

The Benedict Arnold Koch brothers are at it again. When they aren't selling capital goods to America's No. 1 enemy, they're trying to destroy the American middle class.

The Koch-funded Tea Party front group, Americans for Prosperity, put out a poll in Michigan that alleged strong support for right-to-work legislation to destroy unions.

There was one teensy little problem. The words "right to work" didn't appear in the poll.  The question asked was, "Do you support or oppose giving Michigan workers the right not to be forced to join a union?"

As all good Teamsters know, it is against federal law to force someone to join a union.

Ironically, the "poll" from AFP actually showed that 71 percent of Michigan voters essentially support Michigan's current free bargaining system, which does not "force" workers to join a union.