Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fighting Wall Street vampires

Rally Girl is our resident expert on the zombie apocalypse. She offers this rant on the current uprising against the Giant Vampire Squid (aka Goldman Sachs) and other denizens of Wall Street:

As if Benedict Arnold Koch-whore zombies aren’t scary enough, America’s middle class is now fighting another form of underworld ghoul: the Wall Street vampire. Don’t be fooled—they may be more charming and a bit cleaner than Koch-whore zombies, but they’re just as dangerous.
While Koch-whore zombies are after brains, Wall Street vampires want nothing but money—your money. They live to suck dry the American worker from home, health and livelihood in their quest for the bottom line. They are the one percent and they are coming after you!
Wall Street vampires have been sucking the American Dream from worker after worker and family after family for generations. Their unapologetic greed has left millions of victims in every town and city across this country. They are the fast-food worker who has suffered wage theft, the trucker who doesn’t get paid for tying down his load, the laid-off 50-year-old who can’t find work because of age discrimination and the public-sector worker who has been stripped of bargaining rights.

The hard-working, dedicated people of this country are the last line of defense against these evil creatures. You can fight Wall Street vampires. Here's how:
• Join a union—A strong, union contract is the best line of defense against being sucked dry;
• Make noise at a Teamster rally or Occupy protest—Wall Street vampires look for shy, meek workers who refuse to stand up for themselves. Solidarity and power in numbers will ensure you stay on the side of righteousness. You can find an action near you at the Teamsters Stop the War on Workers web page;
• Know your rights! By educating yourself about your rights as a working American, you make it that much more difficult to become the next victim;
• Attend union meetings and educate your co-workers so they don’t become victims;
• Mentor youth—education is key, folks! Don’t let our youngest citizens fall victim to corporate greed;
• Like the Teamsters "Stop the War on Workers" Facebook page and post comments;
• Register to vote and cast ballots for politicians who support working families— building an army of pro-labor politicians will help put an end to the vampire menace;
• Buy union-made goods and products, including Coors “silver bullet” beer and union-made Halloween candy.
• Create a YouTube video and show the world what you’re doing to stop Wall Street vampires.