Monday, October 17, 2011

Teamsters Occupy St. Louis -- and Detroit, and Eugene, and Nashville...(video)

Teamsters are Occupying all over the place to protest inequality, corporate greed and the global financial system. Teamsters Joint Council 13 Occupied St. Louis on Friday. Here's their account:

On Friday October 14th Teamsters Joint Council 13 in St. Louis joined the Occupy St. Louis protest. Over 1000 protesters and many labor unions joined the fight. Teamsters Joint Council 13 President Marvin Kropp stated this was a fight that we had to join:
We must stop the corporate greed in America.
The event in St. Louis was just one part of a movement that is escalating across the entire country and also spreading across the globe. Students, laborers, retirees and the unemployed were among those participating in the Occupy St. Louis movement Friday, marching to Bank Of America's downtown headquarters as a show of solidarity against the bank's policies.
Hundreds of Teamsters Canada members Occupied Vancouver on Saturday. Brother Patrick Sowassey, a proud member of Local 213, gives us the details:
Our talley went well, about 250 of our members showed up, along with UWA.CAW,BCGEU. Longshoremen, BCTF, small tent city.
Good media coverage from global tv. We talked union with some folks, beautiful weather helped. We must win the war on workers

Our Teamster brothers and sisters from Wisconsin marched along with thousands of other "99 percenters" in the video above. Look for the "Stop the War on Workers" signs. Third Coast Digest reported:
On Oct. 15, the growing “Occupy” movement descended on downtown Milwaukee. Thousands gathered at Zeidler Union Square to “Occupy Milwaukee” at 11 a.m. At noon, one event organizer began shouting “Are you ready?” and the gathering turned to a march. Amidst extensive police security, people marched east down Michigan Avenue and turned north on Water Street to congregate in front of Chase Bank.
We're hearing from our Facebook friends about Teamsters Occupations all over:
Occupying St. Louis
Michelle Proctor: Don't forget Detroit!! Of all places Teamsters - don't forget Detroit!
Lee Weldon: Amarillo Texas too
Kirk Johnson: Louisiana tooooooooo
Robert Inguaggiato: Add Ct. To the list
Michele D McCandless: Greensboro, NC was on board too! :o)
Jim Bryant: Reno and Carson City, NV
Tracy Cullen: Nashville Tn
Eddie Aucoin: Phoenix, AZ
Duane Taddei: I occupied Eugene Oregon with my son last night!!!
And our favorite comment
Robert Miller local25 been occuping boston over 100years now.