Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teamsters, OWS stand up to Sotheby's 1%

Assemblyman Micah Kellner and Local 210 prez George Miranda
Rally Girl reports from the Upper East Side, where Occupy Wall Streeters are joining Teamsters from Local 814 in a rally at Sotheby's:
Teamsters from LU 282, 210, 553, 812, 805, 111 and 522 are picketing outside Sotheby's.
The crowd is energized and chanting, "No contract, no work, no peace," "When I say union, you say power," and "One day longer, one day stronger."
Jason Ide, Local 814 president, said #ows adopted them because they're protesting the #sothebys economy. Sotheby's is the 1 percent who are ruining the economy.
Join Sotheby's Teamster art handlers, the community and allies at the rally. It's at 1334 York Avenue. NY, NY and it's happening right now.