Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WI's Randy Hopper gets drunk driving mug shot

Former Wisconsin Sen. Gone Wild
Randy Randy Hopper, the former Wisconsin state Senator who voted to end collective bargaining rights for workers, is facing drunk driving charges.
Hopper, who was recalled by Wisconsin voters in August, was pulled over for erratic driving Sunday. The Green Bay Press Gazette reports:
Police responded to a report at 5:30 p.m. Sunday of a black Suburban "all over the road" on U.S. 151 near Fond du Lac County WH in Peebles, said Chief Deputy Mark Strand. Hopper refused to take a preliminary breath test when he was stopped, Strand said. He failed field sobriety tests. At the Fond du Lac County Jail, Hopper refused a Breathalyzer test, Strand said.
A few hours later, while Hopper was on a 12-hour hold in a jail cell, he took a breath test, Strand said. Strand declined to release the results of that test, but said it was above the 0.08 percent limit considered intoxicated for driving in Wisconsin.
Alongside Hopper in the car was the 26-year-old girlfriend he helped get a state job. Hopper lost his own job in a recall election in August to Jessica King. The recall effort was given a boost when Hopper's wife agreed to sign the petition against him. She told petitioners he was living out of the district with his girlriend.

A first drunk driving offense carries a possible fine and license revocation. Without photo ID, Hopper could have a hard time voting, thanks to Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker's voter suppression law.

What a shame.